Nature Mandalas!

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Nature Mandalas, by artist-photographer David Vala, is the latest project of Dreaming Earth Press. Release date for this beautiful book is December 10th, 2021. Visit the author’s website to learn more about him and his work at

About the author and book: Author David Vala is an artist, photographer and educator who has traveled throughout the world, photographing sites as remote and wild as the Himalayas and the island fjords of Haida Gwaii in British Columbia. Using select images, David has digitally created luminous mandalas which are widely appreciated for their sheer beauty and used as tools for meditation. In this book, Nature Mandalas, the author shares his original photos alongside sample mandalas, and also includes a guide that enables the reader to create their own nature mandalas through a process he calls ‘Digital Alchemy.’

This book was created with support from the Regional Arts & Culture Council:

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Robin is a multi-disciplinary artist, vocal improviser and arts educator living in Portland, Oregon.

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