Robin Chilstrom

Is the creator at the heart of Dreaming Earth Press. She was born in Oregon, where visits to old growth forests, the Cascades and the Columbia River Gorge were just typical family day trips during her early childhood. Later, she had opportunities to hike and camp in many Pacific NW forests. Worlds filled with countless beings and wonders.

As an adult, Robin shares her skills with organizations focused on restoring the health of our earth.

Dreaming Earth Press was imagined into being through a series of serendipitous events. After working on a variety of book projects for clients and friends, I realized that I truly enjoy the collaborations we enter into when envisioning a project. I love the alchemy of combining text and image in beautiful, varied ways in order to convey your meaning. And this work builds upon my long career as a visual & theater artist, and as an arts educator. 


I look forward to working with authors and creators of all kinds, and, I’m especially interested in material that explores and deepens our capacity to live in a peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

It is more important now than ever to be honest, innovative storytellers: to deepen our creative work and healing efforts as citizens of Earth. In the coming years I’ll be collaborating on projects for both children and adults. Dreaming Earth Press serves as a vehicle for creative individuals and groups to share their work through print, digital and other media formats.

Storieseed – an imprint used by my own creative team – mainly publishes books for kids: storybooks, craft books, and inspiring 21st century folk tales with the Credo: Home, One Earth For All.


Creative Circles

Many creative circles have nurtured my life as an artist: in theater, music, visual arts and arts education fields.

Each collaboration is unique, bringing new challenges, discoveries, and often, new friends. That’s what keeps the process fun!

And as a journey of self-discovery, the Arts inspire me to collaborate in a re-enchantment and healing of the world.

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