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AUTHOR DAVID VALA is an artist, photographer and educator who has traveled throughout the world, photographing sites in Tibet, China, Nepal and India. In this book he explores the beautiful and mysterious world of mandalas created from photographs of architecture, ranging from Tibetan Monasteries and Italian Palazzos, to stunning modern buildings. David employs a technique he describes as “Digital Alchemy,” rendered using the digital app, Affinity Photo. The author also includes a step-by-step guide for the reader to follow in creating their own mandalas. View spreads of the book HERE.

Architecture Mandalas: Published 2023: Dreaming Earth Press

AUTHOR DAVID VALA is an artist, photographer and educator who has traveled throughout the world, photographing sites as remote and wild as the Himalayas and the islands of Haida Gwaii in British Columbia. Using select images, David has digitally created luminous mandalas which are widely appreciated for their sheer beauty and used as tools for meditation. In this book, Nature Mandalas, the author shares his original photos alongside sample mandalas, and also includes a guide that enables the reader to create their own nature mandalas through a process he calls ‘Digital Alchemy.

Nature Mandalas: Published 2021: Dreaming Earth Press

BETTY CHILSTROM, Portland Oregon artist, “Painted the Town” during the second half of the 20th century. Living through the great depression, homeless throughout her childhood, Betty had a keen appreciation for the value of a Home Place, and Portland became her permanent home during World War II. Betty spent 40 years chronicling Portland’s historic homes, architecture, and cityscapes, before urban renewal swept them away. Told by her youngest daughter, artist Robin Chilstrom, this is the story of Betty’s life, her evolution as a self-taught artist, and how she came to create the stunning and prolific archive of over 800 paintings and drawings (over 200 are in this book), during her Love Affair with the City.

Through Her Eyes (hardcover edition): Published 2021, Dreaming Earth Press

In LYNNE FUQUA’S charming Animal Alphabet Poem, illustrated by Robin Chilstrom, Aardy the Aardvark embarks on a once-in-a-lifetime alphabetical adventure! Join Aardy and 25 delightful animal friends on a journey that leads to the ‘Big Surprise’ at the end: but that’s not all! Fun Facts about all the animals – and an Activity Book – are included at the end of the story where readers can color, write, draw, sing and dance! For kids of all ages.

A is for Aardvark: Published 2021: Dreaming Earth Press