Client Reviews

Here’s What Clients Say:

Robyn Bluemmel • Author/Illustrator

“A double heartfelt thanks to Robin! Without her care, huge help with editing, and sharing of her amazing artistic and technical knowledge, this book of Plant Stories would never have been “birthed” into the world. She has been my inspiring, patient, and honored midwife!

Robyn Bluemmel: Native Plant Spirit Wisdom,  pub: 2020, Support as Content Editor, Digital Consultant

“In 2018, Robin tutored me in the use of an online website platform, and helped me create the look and feel I wanted for my website. I am extremely happy with the finished creation: a well-crafted, very personal and beautiful website.  I highly recommend her skills and services as a graphic designer, illustrator, project manager and web designer.”

Robyn Bluemmel: BlueBug Arts
Support as Digital Consultant

Lynne Fuqua • Author

“Working with Robin was a wonderful adventure. Her art work is impeccable. She has a gift for being warm, yet professional. What she commits to, she does.  And what she does, she does well.  She shares her experience and expertise without arrogance.  Her fees are as they should be and worth every penny.  She guided every aspect of the journey, turning my simple child’s story ( as a first time author ) into something above and beyond all expectations: with patience and humor, while still making me feel that this truly was my project. I couldn’t be happier.”

Lynne Fuqua: A is for Aardvark:  pub. 2021
Support as Project Manager, Illustrator, Book Design & Layout, Digital & Print Publication

Kathleen Haley • Author

“Robin Chilstrom is an accomplished, talented, and creative muse.  She was able to take my loose idea for a book honoring my mother and grow it into a beautiful tribute. In addition to having the necessary technical skills to make my book a reality, she possesses the focus and deep, heartfelt understanding that enabled me to believe in myself and the book. With the eye of an artist and discipline of an educator, Robin is the perfect partner for the story you want to tell.  I recommend her without reservation.”

Kathleen Haley: Eileen’s Recipes for Life, pub. 2019
Support as Project Manager, Book Design/Layout, Visual Collateral management, Print Publication

Leanne Grabel • Poet, Author, Performance Artist, Educator

“Running into Robin Chilstrom down the block from my house after not having seen her for over a year was definitely serendipitous. I had recently completely 200 new drawings to go with my earlier book Brontosaurus and fully revised the text. I was anxious to find a way to get what I would call Brontosaurus Illustrated out into the world. It is a tough story that I keep telling, this time with drawings. That day I asked Robin if she would design Brontosaurus Illustrated with me and she said yes. We worked through the summer of ’21 and most of the fall, laying out every page individually, editing, cropping, manipulating, emphasizing drawings. And I chiseled down the text to accommodate the visuals. An earlier version of the story had been serialized in The Opiate Magazine and I asked the editor of that beautiful journal if she would want to publish my newly designed book. And she said yes. Robin helped to pull together all the details, tie all the bows, to get Brontosaurus Illustrated ready for publication. The layouts are magnificent. With Robin’s help, Brontosaurus Illustrated turned into a masterpiece (she said humbly). Plus, Robin is DAMN EASY to work with. That’s also magnificent.”

Leanne Grabel: Brontosaurus Illustrated (Author-Illustrator); published 2022

Judith Yeckel • Illustrator, Author, Educator

“I have worked with Robin on many projects and I am always astonished at the singularity of her creative vision, the breadth of her technical expertise, her fearlessness about learning from every new challenge, her careful attention to detail and her powerful imagination as a storyteller – all are reflected in every aspect of her work.

“Have you ever committed to a project, then realized that it demanded skills you did not possess – to be delivered within an impossibly tight timeline?  I was in a pickle – but thanks to Robin, the illustrations I created for a treasured family story were transformed into a polished book.  

“Robin proved to be a thoughtful listener, a fast worker, a creative problem solver and an encouraging cheerleader.  She was supportive, professional and adept at handling all the publishing details so that I could concentrate on the look and feel of the book.  She was receptive to my ideas for text style, color and layout while adding subtle design touches that enriched the visual presentation of the material.  And she designed a simple, elegant book cover that perfectly complimented the story. Robin meets you where you are.  Guiding you to fulfill your artistic vision becomes her priority and the marvelous give and take of creative collaboration between the two of you is deeply satisfying, often surprising and genuinely fun!”

Judith Yeckel: The Magic Button, (Illustrator), pub. 2016
Book Design/Layout, Visual Collateral management, Print Publication

Randall Stuart • Writer, Director, Producer

“As a verbal storyteller who is also a visual thinker, it has been thrilling to work with Robin Chilstrom on projects that require the kind of illumination powers that she’s so completely blessed with, being a notable illustrator and story weaver herself.

“Let me site two examples that lifted the possibilities of storytelling to glorious new heights. 1. As a theatre director I help playwrights bring their stories to life, and in the case of Jennifer Le Blanc’s mystical tale “Winter’s Passage” we engaged Robin to create the schematic/scenic world – a full deck of projected images – which then soaked the performance space in color and meaning. This approach created the most vivid of environments, and the audience was not only dazzled but transported. 2. As a public speaker, I’m often called upon to share an intriguing tale within the frame of a corporate keynote address. The times that I have felt the most empowered to do so was when I sought the services of Robin, who without fail interpreted my text and created intuitive layers and gorgeous grace notes that exalted the event. The comfort of knowing that my words were matched with such visual excellence allowed me to deliver two of my best speeches, and all because there was something extraordinary (and pitch perfect) going on behind me.

“Robin Chilstrom is a true treasure, and will help you imagine and edit your dearest and most daring of dreams.”

Randall Stuart

David Vala • Artist, Photographer, Landscape Architect, Educator

“While working on my nine-month, deadline-driven book project – Nature Mandalas – I learned that Robin has a passion for helping writers and artists transform their book ideas into a workable process from the very beginning through the book’s publication. 

“As a skillful artist, graphic designer, and concept editor, she was wonderful to work with. She helped me create my first book with step-by-step ease, understanding exactly what I wanted to communicate through both the text and images for the book. Her editorial skills were particularly helpful in elevating the look and feel of Nature Mandalas and in helping me clarify the text for ease of readers’ comprehension.  Since its publication, I have received many positive reviews of the book, with feedback from customers who purchased additional copies to give as gifts to friends and family. 

“Bookstores, and my target market, want a quality product, and Dreaming Earth Press helped me to create one of the highest quality!”

David Vala: Nature Mandalas – (Author & Photographer), pub. 2021
Book layout & design, content editing, print publication

Partial funding for Nature Mandalas provided by Regional Arts & Culture Council