Storieseed is the Children’s Book Imprint of

Dreaming Earth Press.

Stories To Seed The Future

Storieseed books are created to help kids imagine and prepare to shape their future – one that nurtures life, rebalances the health of our planet home, and celebrates diversity, equity, and a peaceful world.

We are living in an era of unprecedented change…change that is transforming our lives and the health of our planet with astonishing speed.

As an arts educator, children’s book illustrator-author, and environmental advocate, I’m merging my love for well-crafted stories with the art of collaborative storytelling to create a series of narrative non-fiction and fictional tales that I hope will delight, inform and inspire our children.

In addition to stories of my own invention, I’ll be collaborating with others to share enlivening earth stories: Storieseeds that illuminate what is now being done, and what we can do, to mitigate climate change and grow into sustainable, equitable, and peaceful 21st century communities around  the world. Robin

2023 brings the launch of the first Storieseed book (TBA) for children.

At it’s heart is the Credo:

Home, One Earth For All

To learn more about Robin, check out her website: